1.000 Applications

Around the House

– To manufacture a connection plumbing (cold water)
– To repair the pommel of shower
– To replace the butterfly of basin WC
– To repair the handle of a bag
– To repair a robot ménéger
– To replace a threaded bushing
– To repair an umbrella
– To repair a carpet sweeper
– To repair a vacuum cleaner
– To manufacture a hook to suspend
– Replace a block of rack
– To manufacture a cover or an ergonomic object
– To manufacture a hold for the window, the shutter, carry it, counts it
– Adapter an arm of lever to opens limps mechanical
– To repair a mounting of glasses
– Tor repair a baby stroller
– To protect or to sheath an angle with sharp edges
– To repair a toy made out of wood or plastic
– To repair a key or lock

And many more…

Sports, Leisure, Campsite and Garden

To manufacture an ergonomic handle gun, Ski stick, Camera, Golf, Tennis
To manufacture an eyelet, Veil, Fabric of tent,
To make a hold ski
To manufacture an end board with caster
To manufacture a ring, a splice
To repair the sprinkler pipe, Uncurler
To repair a lever of accelerator of mower
To repair a broken handle, Tool garden
To repair a table, Chair
To repair a strap bag with back or to make an adapted protection
To repair a cane with fishing, a winch
To manufacture a lure
To manufacture a holding ring, Snap hook, a pulley
To repair a kite, a parasol
Model making
To manufacture a médiator guitar, an end of trumpet
To carry out an ergonomic protection (sports violent one)
and many more…

Car, Bicycle, Motorbike or Boat

To manufacture a butterfly for the gallery of car
To fix cables
To carry out a hinge, a rivet
To sheath a key
To produce a bored screw, a greenhouse cables, a lever
To repair the indicator, the rear view mirror
To repair the visor of a helmet
To repair the pedal of the bicycle
To fix a satchel
To repair a spoke (motor bike), a lever, a selector speed (motor bike) while waiting for the new part
Fixing of careenage
To manufacture a stopper for a valve of tire tube
To manufacture a manille (boat), a pulley, a block, a crank, an end, a handle
To stop a hole
To make a fast splice, repair wipers (breakdown service)
and many more…


To manufacture a tool exactly adapted, Nut, Disc, Bolt, Rivet, Wrench, Tubular hexagon box spanner tube
To manufacture clamps of vice Ankle or to tighten a fragile object
To manufacture a universal handle to return the function or to manufacture the catch in hand of any tool Web broken, Lime, Blade of cutter,
Adapt a protection to an engraver, a point, to adapt a caster to any support, lengthen a smooth tube, manufacture an elbow
restring several elements of different screw pitches
to fix two pieces of wood without point, screw, or nail
proceed to one temporary fisxation such as a delicate welding
to repair or to manufacture a carnière
To isolate a son electric
To manufacture a rudimentary Cardan joint etc.



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